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New type of event for singles in Toronto!

Dating isn't easy, and finding the right person is even harder. Sometimes it feels like swiping on dating apps can be a full-time job with no luck of finding meaningful connections. But what if we came up with a fun and stress-free way to meet new people with the same interests. 

Let us introduce you to Perfect Pairing Events – Cooking classes for singles in Toronto, where you not only learn how to prepare a delicious meal but also have fun mingling with like-minded people.

With some ice-breakers and fun cooking activities from a professional chef, we create an environment where it’s easy to socialize, have fun and see the real sparks.

  Finally something different from meeting in the bars and restaurants, we searched for the best intimate and unique venues in Toronto. The location will be shared the day before the event.

  Intimate groups of only 20-30 guests based on their age.

  We send the personal invites to make sure we have an appropriate ratio of men and women.

  Learn new handy tricks in the kitchen and show off your cooking skills.

  Different types of cuisine to be sure you will find something that works for you.

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